30 Jun 16

From Waste to Wear



closeup detail of coffee ground in wooden bowl


If you have been with us from the very beginning you would know that all our RUMI leggings are made from plastic water bottles. Our philosophy has always been using recyclable materials to make our apparel. So when we decided to come out with our new range of RUMI tops we wanted to try something new.

Our new top collection features sports bras ranging from medium to full support, tanks, baseball tees and support tops. What is rather special about our line of RUMI X tops is that they are made from used coffee grounds. Now, we get it that may seem impossible to even comprehend, but we were able to make the impossible possible.

Our purpose for making eco-friendly clothing is because we accumulate so much waste each year. 8 million tons of plastic is dumped into the world’s oceans each year and over 23 million tons of waste from the coffee production industry. We want to make the most out of these wastes we disregard and help do our part for the planet.


What we have learnt overtime is that we can salvage so much from our waste. Plastic water bottles once melted down can be used for making other materials. Each pair of our stylish leggings uses only 17 water bottles. Used coffee grounds can be used as natural fertilizers, body scrubs and can help remove odors in your fridge. This is our ideology to make use of the waste we have.



So how do we do it? We collect the used coffee grounds from coffee shops and remove the oil and moisture. Mashing the coffee grounds even finer to almost a powder form and threads it into yarn, which would be used for our tops. The material that is developed is super soft, absorbs moisture and odor and provides UV protection. The amazing thing is that this process uses up less energy than producing other fabrics.

The RUMI X philosophy was built on making you feel good wearing our apparel. Not only to feel comfortable wearing our activewear but also feel good about doing something that can really benefit the planet. Click here to shop our newest collection of tops.