04 Mar 16

Introducing “Sky is the Limit”

With our new line of leggings, we will like to introduce you to our brand new pair of leggings, “Sky is the Limit”. Our inspiration for “Sky is the Limit” comes from this quote said by Rumi “Become the sky. Take an axe to the prison wall. Escape.”

These particular pair of leggings pays tribute to women’s rights and 30% of the proceeds will go directly towards the UN Women foundation. The UN Women foundation has been working to provide programs for ending violence towards women, economic empowerment, governance and leadership.

Some of the work the UN Women have been doing in the past year includes their major shift to supporting Cambodia. The foundation has been providing humanitarian aid, building awareness of women living with HIV and providing nutritional support to those in need.


Their aim in Cambodia is to strengthen the unity among women and tackle the discrimination brought on to women and girls. If you would like to know more information about what UN Women has been doing to aid women’s rights, please check here.

Let’s lend them a helping hand.

Here we have Vanessa from @HKVanes doing her weight training in our leggings! Doesn’t she look gorgeous in our Sky is the Limit leggings?