27 May 16

Introducing you to Barre

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If you have done ballet growing up you will be very familiar with the Barre. Barre workouts on the other hand, are more intense than your basic warm up in ballet class. It trains your entire body from the abs to the obliques and quads. It will definitely leave you sore the next day and we mean the good kind. 😉


Form is key.

When it comes to Barre, tucking in your hips and straightening your spine goes a long way. It prevents injuries and also helps you work on those abs.

Less is More.
When it comes to Barre Workout less is more. Starting with small circular movements with light weights (starting from 2 lbs) can really go a long way.

Smaller, slower movements, tiny pulses are key to strengthening and working your muscles in a Barre Workout. An average Barre workout lasts roughly 45 minutes to an hour.

The Routine.

We at RUMI X actually tried out some Barre classes at the Barre2Barre studio in Central, Hong Kong. Karen, the co-founder of Barre2Barre, is an amazing and motivating instructor. All of the teachers from Barre2Barre are certified by BarreAmped. BarreAmped takes the classic barre moves and amplifies your entire workout by adding more intensity, with weights and the signature BarreAmped ball.


Why it’s THAT good.
Let me tell you that you will most definitely feel it the next day. For all the beginners that are starting out with Barre Workouts, you will find yourself shaking in between movements – this is actually good! It means you are really working those muscles and overtime with more regular classes you can improve your balance and stability.


Barre workouts can have a great impact on your fitness, making you leaner and stronger. It’s a way to shed those extra pounds and really connect your mind with your body. We highly recommend it!

Please check out the Barre2Barre in Central, Hong Kong. Their instructors are all very positive and encouraging, definitely try out their classes!