30 Dec 16

New Year, New You

2016 brought so much happiness and disappointments in ebbs and flows. As we reflect and grow from challenging times, we look forward to starting a bright new adventure on our journey.

At the start of every year we make resolutions with good intentions however may not be built to endure. We’ve all been there, we start enthusiastically hitting the gym consistently for the first two weeks of January and slowly our workouts begin to taper off as other obligations come into play. We say we will go to bed earlier, say at 10:30 but really 1 AM is the habit now. How do you kick these habits to become the new you?

Be realistic
Without really planning out realistic goals you won’t be achieving those resolutions for 2017. Take out the numbers on the scale and how many times a week you want to go to the gym. Start by prioritizing, what do you really want? A killer body? Learning a new language? Running that 5k by the end of the year? You can achieve all of it, anything you want. Put your heart to it and real effort.

Here’s a great easy-to-follow guide for 7 Keys to Setting Realistic Goals:

– Write your goals down

–  Set short term milestones

–  Be specific

–  Measure actions as well as progress

–  Start with just one goal

–  Schedule in time for your goals

  • Set goals you actually want to achieve

Overcome procrastination
No more saying I’ll start tomorrow or I’ll start next week. Start now, if you have time to think about this and you really want it then go get it! Procrastinating is your worst enemy for achieving your goals. Just do it and start by actually writing lists of things you need to do, checking them off can be so satisfying!

We love Leo Babauta’s blog, Zen habits which provides a simple guide to overcoming procrastination and finding your focus.

Remind and motivate yourself
Write down your goals and put it somewhere were you can see it every single day. This reminder will motivate you towards achieving those goals. Motivate yourself by looking at quotes and inspirations, people you look up to. Be it Beyoncé or your best friend; your mantra should be “if she can do it, you can do it too!”

Once you start there’s no going back and have faith that you can do it! Have a happy new year and may 2017 be a year for you to achieve your goals.