18 Aug 16

RUMI X Queen of the Month: Selena Gomez

Katherine Tyler for iHeartRadio

From now on every month, we’ll introduce our inspirational RUMI Queen of the week. This month we are reigning Selena Gomez as RUMI Queen! Selena has been a rising sensation in the past year, coming out with a more risqué album, “Revival”. We have been loving her entire album. But what we love about her is that not only is she such a good artist and actress but an amazingly kind-hearted and strong woman.

We can definitely learn a thing or two from Selena about ignoring the haters. And wow what a transformation in just over a year! We love her positivity she has for her body and admire her for taking the high road, by ignoring the nasty comments she was getting last year about her body.


Selena has been battling with lupus and had to undergo chemotherapy last year. Imagine just being bashed by the media because she just gained a little bit of weigh. It’s heart-breaking to feel that our society still has the need to judge others under a microscope.

What we truly love about Selena is that she brushes those criticisms off. And showed the world that she didn’t care what people think – letting herself have the last word on this matter. She worked hard to get to the body she has now -and surprise surprise, everyone is now fawning over her even more because of it.

Selena is a down-to-earth and all around a genuine person. She learnt to ignore the haters and just be true to herself. It’s something we can all takeaway from; to not let the opinions of others cloud our own judgement and also to stand up for yourself.