11 Jan 17

Take a break

Yes it’s officially 2017 and a new year means a new start! If you are feeling tired and overworked, it’s time to take that vacay now. Pack your bags and fly over to Thailand for some tropical weather away from the winter chills. Embrace the warmer suns and indulge yourself in eating cleaner.

Thailand is known for it’s exotic food and culture. But also most known for it’s beautiful natural landscapes. You can feel utterly at ease and put your work woes back at home. This is the place for you to really let your mind quiet down and get rid of your stress.


Phuket the ultimate destination

Phuket, surrounded by vast mountains and rainforests is the number one place to go for beaches and clear waters. Snorkel with sea creatures and meditate by the beach. Resorts and spas here are renowned from around the world.

Yoga retreat for our beloved yogis

If you are thinking of finding something a bit more wholesome, yoga retreats in Thailand is definitely something to consider for your home away from home. Top spots are Koh Samui, Bangkok and Chiang Mai where there are packages that includes day to night meals, yoga classes and daily spa massages.

These yoga retreats cater to your needs from providing raw, plant-based foods to positive coaching, opening up a space for positivity and calmness. You will have time to reflect and also really focus on taking care of yourself.



It doesn’t matter really where you go. So long as you feel content and the key is taking time off to love yourself. A well-deserved rest is needed for everyone, it’s okay to give yourself a break, no one is perfectly function 24/7 of the 365 days in the year. 2017 is your year, the year to focus on building a better you.

Love yourself and take that needed break.