04 Mar 16

Transforming to RUMI X

Its finally spring. The flowers are blooming and the sun is shining just a bit brighter. It’s out with the old and in with the new. We have exciting news in store for you we are transforming Rumi Yoga Wear to RUMI X.

Why you may ask? We have accomplished so much in the past year. The media has been taking note of us because of our unique leggings made from reusing plastic water bottles. We have also expanded our collection beyond leggings to shorts, capris and headbands. And we are also one of the first brands to have launched a line of eco-friendly maternity leggings.

RUMI X is not only to yogis but also other types of fitness enthusiasts such as joggers, crossfitters, gym goers, body trainers and many more. The RUMI X lifestyle is about pursuing your active lifestyle with a touch of flair.

The RUMI X manifesto is about having a “feel good” philosophy. We want to make you feel good wearing our gear. Whether you are popping in to the supermarket to buy almond milk or on your way to the new neighborhood Barre class.

We will also be launching a much wider range of apparel including tops, sports bras and men’s sportswear line. Our colourful original prints will provide you with endless options to release that inner style goddess.

Look good and feel good with RUMI X