RUMI GIRL: Yoga Instructor Katie Nocerino Shares Her Wellness Tips

Sydney based Rumi Girl, Katie Nocerino works in software sales by day and works as a yoga and spin instructor by night. Read below to find out more about Katie’s journey and her wellness tips to live by.

Rumi Girl, Katie Nocerino perfects a side plank in RUMI X Myth Blue Leggings and Sports Bra

1. Where are you currently based? Australia.
2. Where can we find you? Instagram: @Katie.nocerino, my studio in Sydney, One Hot Yoga.
3. Share your journey with us: I’ve always been very into fitness, health, working out, but it wasn’t until I started practicing yoga regularly that I became completely obsessed. Between my move from the USA to Sydney, I completed my 200hr teacher training in Rishikesh, India. During that time, I became so fascinated with all aspects of yoga – beyond just the physical movement, and have since practiced daily. I have a high stress job in software sales, so rely on my practice to keep me grounded, put things into perspective, and to ultimately help me consistently work toward being the best version of myself!
4. What are you currently getting into: Outside of my corporate sales job, I’m an avid spin and yoga teacher. They are polar opposite experiences – in my spin classes, you’ll find me enthusiastically and energetically encouraging the class to dance around to carefully curated playlists…it’s intense and SO FUN! On the mat, I focus on alignment and helping my students work toward more challenging asanas. Each satisfy such different things that they perfectly complement one another! In addition, I absolutely love TV hosting/presenting, and am working on different ways to combine that will my love for wellness, fitness and yoga. Being an expat, I’ve been spending the last 2 years trying to explore and travel as much as possible. I hope to always maintain my sense of wanderlust!  

Yoga instructor, Katie Nocerino

5. Your mantra: ‘I really regret that workout’ … said no one… ever!’ ☺
6. Any wellness tips for our fans? You will always be able to find someone that is better than you…more flexible, stronger, skinnier, the list goes on… If you can channel jealousy into being motivated or inspired, you will be unstoppable. Live your life in a way that will make your future self proud.
7. What is your favorite health recipe – can be a health drink? Anything with massaged kale!!!!! Remove stems and cut kale into small pieces. Add a bit of salt, lemon juice and EVOO, and massage for a few minutes! This makes the BEST base for any salad ☺
8. What do you love about your Rumies? My Rumis are so versatile!! They are perfect for spin and yoga. I’m a sweater….When I’m done teaching spin or practicing yoga, I’m normally SOAKED…like, just got out of a pool soaked. My Rumis breathe so well that they’re not only super comfortable, but they manage to stay so much drier than my other tights! 
9. How do you stay motivated and/or on track? I stay motivated by continually reminding myself that the main goal is to be healthy and feel as good as possible. I used to spend so much time trying to be ’skinny,’ which doesn’t always lead to the healthiest decisions. My goal now is to be strong, flexible, healthy – to feel great and live a long, healthy life! For me it’s not about dieting or obsessing over working out – it’s about developing a healthy lifestyle that I can maintain, and to enjoy everything in moderation.