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Originally from San Francisco, California, Melissa Chu founded RUMI X in 2015. As a former yoga instructor, Chu’s connection to the fitness and wellness community led to the creation of RUMI X. The name Rumi stems from the inspirational 13th century Persian poet, scholar, and Sufi mystic whose words of wisdom have inspired for centuries. Each RUMI X design takes inspiration from the world around us and Feel Good mantras by Rumi.

“RUMI X was born out of my three passions: spirituality, yoga, and nature. Blending these elements is what ultimately inspired the brand. I wanted to develop something that spoke to the devotion of my practice and honor my source of energy from spirituality, while simultaneously ensuring that our products were environmentally impactful and contributing to the solution, not being part of the problem. RUMI X is about living a mindful lifestyle, taking care of yourself within, and being good to the world around you. We take care of our body, mind, and soul, and we take care of others around us to feel good.”

Melissa Chu, Founder of RUMI X


We design and manufacture innovative activewear apparel using sustainable fibres enabling us to become eco-conscious citizens. We source advanced technical fabrics that push the limits of performance, infusing superior quality and comfort with bold and original designs. Sustainable manufacturing methods including recycled plastic bottles, upcycled coffee grounds and water-based ink dyes allow us to make a positive impact on our planet, changing waste to recycled goods that would otherwise contribute to landfill.

Our mission is to enable you to feel good in movement by helping our environment, while in the pursuit of beauty in sportswear.